Friday, 9 June 2017

How to Choose the Best Spanish Roofing Slate

Roof slates or tiles come in many shapes and sizes. More importantly they come from different parts of the world. Unlike popular belief, they don’t only come from the U.K. Some are sourced from China, Brazil and even Spain. With that said, roof slates are supposed to play so many roles for your house.

Not only are they supposed to protect you from the elements, they are also expected to make your house looks good. It’s because of this that you should take your time when choosing roof slates for your house. One of the more common versions is Spanish roofing slates. Fun fact, Spain produces most of the world’s roofing slates. 

How to Choose the Best one
One problem, the market has faced is an influx in sub-standard Spanish roofing slates. You see not all the slates are the same. Two quarries that are close to each other can produce different quality slates. There are some factors to consider, but the more common ones are the quarry and the supplier.

 It’s because of this that we advise you to source your slates from reputable suppliers in the market. Another thing you can do to ensure you get the best quality is to enquire for an example (like a sample on how the slate looks like on a roof).

Any signs of rust, pyrites (iron inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. They normally glisten in the sun) and dimensional inconsistencies means the slate is inferior and you shouldn’t get it.